How to Set up a DTV Digital Converter Box and Antenna?

The TV antennas are not a thing of the past. They have made a comeback with a bang. Watching local channels with the help of a TV antenna is turning out to be easier. However, for those who have an old analog TV, there would be a need for a digital converter box. The setup of both the TV antenna and converter box are easy. Here we have presented the setup for both the antenna and digital converter box.

  • Firstly, make a note of why there is a need for DTV digital converter box. Individuals who are making use analog TV would not be able to receive digital channels. There would be a need for converter box. This device would translate the signal for your analog TV. If you have the HDTV or SDTV written on it then there is no need for a digital converter box.
  • To setup the converter box, switch off the TV and unplug the TV from the surge protector or the socket.
  • In this step, you would need to disconnect the TV antenna from the TV so that you can proceed further. Unplug the coaxial cable from the back of the TV. Currently you do not need to worry about moving the location of the antenna. You would need to hook the converter box in just a few minutes’ time. This is also applicable if you are making use of outdoor antenna. However, for those who are not making use of any antenna, may need one before the usage of converter box.
  • The DTV converter box should be placed near the TV. The front of the converter box should be in the same direction as the TV.
  • Now attach the antenna to the digital converter box with the help of coaxial cable. Plug in the antenna into the IN coaxial port that is present at the back of the converter box. Ensure to screw in properly before proceeding with next step.
  • Using the coaxial cable, now connect the digital converter box to the TV else you can also make use of the standard RCA cables.
  • Make use of the cord which is built in the digital converter box and attach it to the electrical outlet or the surge protector. In case if there is no built-in electrical cord then there is a need to attach the non-electrical plug that comes along with the box.
  • Now turn on the digital converter box which would be present at the back of the box or may be at the side. Plug in and then turn back the TV on.
  • There are some digital converter boxes which would scan for the digital channels when you work on switching to 3 and 4 channels. In case if this does not work, you may need to check the manual of the box for checking which channels are supposed to be used.
  • Make use of the converter box remote for navigating through the on-screen setup. In certain cases, you may need to just select the Next button until it starts for scanning the channels. In case if you face issues in navigating then you can check the manual for the setup process.
  • Allow the converter box to scan for the channels. Once this scan is complete, you can browse through the channels and move ahead with enjoying your daily dose of entertainment.

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