There are a lot of online streaming services available in the market and it may seem confusing for a user to select the one that suits their needs. Amazon Prime, Hulu, Netflix and many others have so many options and great content for the viewers that it is natural for them to go in for more than one option. Among these, if you have tried out Hulu and think that it is not the streaming service you are looking out for then there are easy steps of cancelling the Hulu Subscription without much trouble. The steps of cancelling the Hulu subscription may differ depending on which interface or screen you are making use of.

Cancelling Hulu subscription on web: One of the most easiest and direct ways to cancel the Hulu subscription is to directly visit the Hulu website at

  • If you are not already logged in, then you can login with your user id and password. The Log in logo is present at the top corner of the page.
  • Once you have logged in, you would need to select your name which is present at the top right corner of the page.
  • After clicking on your name, there would be multiple options available, click on ACCOUNT.
  • Scroll down at the bottom of the screen and then select the CANCEL option.
  • Once done, you can click on CONTINUE TO CANCEL. At this time, Hulu may offer for suspending the subscription on a temporary basis and also not charge you for the same.
  • In case if you select to cancel then Hulu would ask you as to why you are doing so. Select the best reason and then click on CONTINUE TO CANCEL.
  • Hulu does not easily let their subscriber slip away. Hence they would try to best to maintain the subscriber by offering additional offers. However, if you are adamant on leaving Hulu then click on the option NO, CANCEL SUBSCRIPTION. This is done, you would no longer be subscribed to Hulu post the end of your billing cycle.

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Cancelling Hulu subscription on Android and iPhone: While it is easier to subscribe for Hulu on your iPhone but it would not allow you to unsubscribe. It would redirect you to their website for managing any of its subscription. When it comes to Android version of the app, you have all the account managing rights. Cancelling Hulu on Android is simple,

  • Click on the app to launch Hulu.
  • Select the ACCOUNT option
  • Click on the ACCOUNT menu
  • Follow the same instructions as mentioned in the earlier section for rest of the steps. The steps are the same.
  • Cancelling Hulu subscription on iTunes: With the help of your Apple id, you can subscribe to Hulu via the iTunes. Managing Hulu subscriptions is also
  • possible through the Apple id and not Hulu.
  1. Open the iTunes and select on the Account menu.
    Click on the option VIEW MY ACCOUNT.
    If it is prompted, then login using your Apple Id and other details.
    It would show up a screen of Account Information, scroll down and click on the SETTINGS option.
    Now click on MANAGE which is available next to the SUBSCRIPTIONS option.
    Select on EDIT besides Hulu. Once done, click on CANCEL SUBCRIPTION.
    A pop-up window would open, click on CONFIRM if you are sure to cancel the subscription. Once done it would cancel your Hulu subscription after the end of the existing billing period.